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Energy Saving Tips

You can’t control the cost of energy. But you can control how much you use.

When it comes to reducing your energy bill, some small additions can add up to big savings. From weather-stripping to fluorescent lighting, little changes make a big difference. These energy-saving tips and products can help you reduce your energy costs.

Programmable Thermostats

Save up to 33% on heating and cooling bills by having Cool Heat Mechanical Systems install a Programmable Thermostat. Make sure not to place lamps or appliances that give off heat near the thermostat.
This is the smartest and simplest thing you can do to reduce your energy costs!

Windows/Door Frames

Install weather-stripping and caulk. Double-pane or storm windows also help prevent the intrusion of outside air.

Whole-House Humidifier

Having your Energy Expert install a Whole-House Humidifier reduces your energy bill, because you can turn down the thermostat for savings and still feel comfortable.

Small Appliances (TVs, stereos, microwaves)

Unplug or switch off power strip when not in use.

Air Conditioners

Buy Energy Star Models, and plant trees or shrubs to shade them.

Water Heater

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for adding an insulated blanket, and also insulate the first 6 feet of water pipes. Controlling water temperatures with a mixing valve can help increase your supply of usable hot water.


Keep the flue closed when not in use.


Call Cool Heat Mechanical Systems to clean or replace filters. Adding an Electronic or Media Air Cleaner can make your furnace more efficient.

Zoning Systems

Your Energy Expert can help you reduce costs with a Zoning System, which allows you to heat and cool only the areas that are in use.


Use fluorescent bulbs. Consider task lighting and 3-way bulbs.

Plants, Shrubs

Design your landscaping to deliver effective shade and to act as a windbreak.

Home Office

Buy Energy Star equipment (for example, laptops use less energy than desktop PCs). Turn off equipment when not in use.


Buy Energy Star models. Wash only full loads, in cold water whenever possible. Don’t over-dry clothes. On warm days, use a clothesline.


Buy fuel-efficient vehicles, and consider carpooling and public transit. To improve gas mileage, get regular tune-ups and keep tires inflated and aligned.