We make buying a furnace simple!

The only thing hotter than our HVAC savings is your new furnace! Come explore HVAC system discounts, rebates and specials and schedule your own FREE, custom home comfort evaluation now. The benefits of a new furnace can be so extensive they may leave you anticipating your utility bill each month.

The installation of your Furnace

When your new furnace arrives and is ready to install, our friendly heating technicians will professionally install it in your home. Our HVAC professionals are careful not to disturb your living area. They’ll lay down carpet protection and wear shoe protection to keep your home and yard clean. After the furnace installation is complete, they’ll leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. Respecting your home is a promise we take very seriously.

We Give you Options

We’ll recommend the right heating solutions for your lifestyle and desires, based on hundreds of available heating products. Our Home Comfort Analysis will take into account your needs and lifestyle, as well as the physical requirements of your particular home.

The Analysis Process

Since every home and homeowner is different, it takes a custom Home Comfort Analysis from Cool Heat to determine the best heating system for your home. There are many standards, upgrades, and custom options available to choose from. The analysis will provide custom-made solutions that are best suited for you.  Please visit our interactive presentations depicting different types of HVAC systems.

Considerations in Choosing a New Furnace

When considering a new heating system, think carefully about energy efficiency, air quality and moisture control components to include, particularly if anyone in your family has the following health conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Respiratory health issues
  • Dry scalp and skin

Today’s innovative air cleaning products can exceed hospital air filtration standards. Zoning control is also available, and allows you to heat the exact rooms you want, to the exact temperature you want.

Today’s high-efficiency heating equipment may nearly pay for itself in utility savings, so efficiency level is a very important consideration. Additionally, consider the environmental benefits of energy savings from simply installing high-efficiency comfort equipment.

Our FREE Comfort Analysis will help you understand and evaluate all these important considerations, helping you make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Want Financing for your HVAC Purchase?

Most people do not budget for a breakdown or replacement of their heating system. So to offset the investment, we suggest using our easy financing program as a simple, automatic, affordable way to pay for your new heating system or repair service. We offer great HVAC financing options, including seasonal rebates, specials and incentives. Your energy savings over time might also help offset the investment.