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Why Your Home Does Not Heat Evenly

Your home is your castle, and you should certainly be comfortable in your home. However, if your home does not heat evenly, then you will definitely not be comfortable. Determining why your home is heating unevenly can be a problem. You might first suspect that your HVAC system is not working properly. However, there are some other things to check first.

The first step to check is the air registers (vents) in each room. If your home is not heating evenly, it can be something as simple as a vent left closed in one room. Ideally, all of your registers should be open, at least to some extent. Once you have all the registers open, you should check each room to find out which ones are too warm and which ones are too cold.

For those that are too warm, simply close the register slightly (but not all the way). Make sure that the vents in the colder rooms are fully open. Often, this is enough to balance your heating system and provide plenty of warm air to all rooms. However, if it doesn’t do the trick, you need to take things a step or two further.

Using a vacuum cleaner, clean your air vents. You might also need to remove the vent cover and clean out the interior of the duct. Blockages can prevent air from circulating evenly throughout your home.

If your home is still not heating evenly, it might be a problem with your ductwork. If you can reach the ducts (under or above your home), check to make sure that they are fully insulated, and that there are no kinks or bends in them.

The real problem here might just be that your HVAC system is not sufficient for the job. One of the better options here is to invest in a zone system, which can help you increase the comfort you enjoy in the rooms that you use most frequently. Of course, you might also need to look into having your current furnace serviced and maintained. If uneven heating is a recent problem, then there can be issues with your HVAC system that are causing it. It’s always best to have your system serviced regularly by a certified HVAC professional to ensure that everything is in working order and that you enjoy the comfort that you deserve within your home.