State-of-the-Art Systems

Contact us anytime to find out how you and your family can start benefiting from the best in home heating and cooling with a professionally installed hybrid system or heat pump from Cool Heat.

Hybrid Systems

By combining the high-efficiency heating and cooling of a heat pump and furnace with the flexibility of new dual-fuel technology thermostats, we can optimize your household energy usage. Hybrid Home Comfort Systems provide unparalleled energy efficiency, saving homeowners hundreds in annual heating and cooling costs!

Our Hybrid Home Comfort Systems selects the most energy-efficient method to heat and cool the home. Just like a hybrid automobile, it switches between electric and gas (propane or oil) automatically. During warmer winter temperatures, the high-efficiency electric heat pump heats your home. When it gets colder, natural gas, propane or oil furnace takes over. The flexibility of these systems makes them ideal for homeowners frustrated with the ever increasing cost of energy, particularly in homes with oil heating.  Click here to learn more about Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems.

Heat Pumps

Whether you are considering renovations to your current home or buying a new home, heat pumps may be a viable solution for the heating and cooling needs of your home. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems work much like an air conditioner during warmer months to cool your home. During cooler months, these systems perform the opposite function; efficiently heating your home when it’s cold outside. As a result, you can be assured of superior comfort all year round.

Cutting-edge technology, high efficiency ratings and only the highest levels of quality ensure that your heat pump will keep you comfortable throughout the year. Offering a wide array of groundbreaking and exclusive features, our heat pumps are among the most energy efficient on the market today.