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What is the Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System?

With today’s rising uncertainty surrounding utility costs, homeowners nationwide are becoming more and more interested in finding the best, most economical solution for indoor heating and cooling.

Cool Heat specializes in creating customized home comfort systems tailored to your needs with a broad selection of residential heating and cooling products. Cool Heat can help you choose the best system for your home, including a Hybrid Heat dual fuel system designed to deliver maximum comfort and economy.

Hybrid Heat dual fuel systems deliver exceptional performance by using a heating source that provides its most energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source when that becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable. View an interactive demo.

Heating & Cooling Comfort

Cool Heat’s ultimate Hybrid Heat dual fuel system includes a gas furnace with our heat pump to provide soothing, superior comfort during both heat pump and furnace operation. This powerful combination can deliver heated air temperatures that are warmer than most traditional heat pumps so air from your vents feels warmer to the touch.

Because a Cool Heat Hybrid Heat dual fuel system also provides cool, indoor comfort when it’s hot outside, this system becomes your total, year-round indoor comfort solution. And with the recent increase in the SEER rating (SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of air conditioners and heat pumps, a Hybrid Heat dual fuel system could also save you money during the cooling season.


No matter which control best fits your needs, you can count on automatic control of your Hybrid Heat dual fuel system. Cool Heat will select a balance point that tells your control when it’s best to select electric heat and when it’s time to switch to furnace operation. As utility rates in your area change, this balance point can be easily adjusted by Cool Heat. To get the best efficiency from your system, we recommend taking advantage of the seven day programmability to select a comfort schedule custom-fit to your lifestyle.

Real-World Savings Examples

Based upon a 2,000 sq. ft. house in Denver, Colorado, our Hybrid Heat dual fuel system is estimated to save you approximately $772 annualy.